Aditya Agarwal Villa, Raipur, Chhattisgarh

The client is looking to expand his family and build himself a comfortable, spacious house that is elegant yet homey. Designed for a nuclear family, this 15000sf villa sits in the centre of a green oasis. A curved sweeping driveway brings one to the front door. The main lawn is sheltered from view and sandwiched between the main house and the recreation out house. An enclosed and private pool is large enough for a party or a single person.

The grounds are designed to for entertainment of large parties with a BBQ and outdoor bar but are cosy so that the family itself can eat breakfast outdoors, sit on the patio facing the garden or lounge in the pool yard. There is south facing lawn for flowers and fruits attached to the grandparents room, and a perimeter walk so that the users can take a morning stroll or jog in the garden. Simple water features enclose and define the open spaces.

  • Client: Mr. Aditya Agarwal
  • Status:Under construction
  • Size:5070 sqm
  • Location:Raipur