Aiyar Residence, New Delhi

Set in a busy residential neighbourhood of Delhi, the house designed by Studio Lotus, looks inward for inspiration. The design intent of this multilevel garden is to create a forest in the middle of crowded city. With a love nature and plants, the client sought a design that has trees popping out of the building. Large planters were created on different levels to support trees and shrubs. An informal, curvy geometry is used to convey the fluidity of nature.

On the rooftop, lawn and lush tropical plantings, and a historical Kerala verandah are used to transport the user to a different reality. Strategically placed planters screen off the ugliness of the surrounding broken roofs, plastic water tanks and cell towers.

  • Client: Mr. and Mrs. Mani Shankar Aiyar
  • Status:Completed in 2015
  • Size:400 sqm
  • Location:New Delhi