Anu Khurana Residence, Green Avenue, New Delhi

The redesign of this three-acre suburban property focused on the equal distribution of program elements in this L shaped site. In order to get energy to flow to all corners of this awkward shaped site, a new gym and music building was created at the southwest corner as cosy hangout for the family, complete with a patio and BBQ/ bar counter.

Following Vastu principles, the pool was removed from the south west and moved to the north east part of the site, with a verandah that connects to the party lawn. This feature provides a point of focus from the houses’s living rooms, while a fountain strategically placed in the corner acts as a pivot point joining the two arms of the site. A walk connects the entire property with a place allocated even for hen coops, goats, and a large vegetable farm.

  • Client: Mrs. Anu Khurana
  • Status:Completed in 2015
  • Size:3 acres
  • Location:Green Avenue, New Delhi