Aurangzeb Road Residence, New Delhi

The renovation of this old colonial property in the heart of the most prestigious part of New Delhi created a graceful, spacious, and useful garden for its tenants. Built piecemeal over the past 80 years, the outdoor spaces of this bungalow were added to by various tenants. The garden was cut up, broken, and paved randomly.

Roha created a design that unifies the front and back yards by using a strong form, adding green by removing paving, and creating a platform and place for hosting grand parties and events. Simple, elegant curved patios provide a counter point to the symmetrical building, while providing minimal but necessary hardscape to make the garden connected and complete. A simple water feature visually connects the central conservatory of the house to the garden.

  • Client: Mr. Ashish Anand
  • Status:Completed in 2016
  • Size:1700 Sqm
  • Location:Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi