Bharatram Residence, Westend Greens, New Delhi

Designed for a single father and his two young sons, the house is planned as a modernist cube. Garden areas with windows are carved out of this cube. Each window presents a distinctly different garden “story”. A public front yard is designed to play sports as well as to host large parties of over 200 people. The back yard is designed to be intimate and host family gatherings of 70 people.

A separate pool yard has been created to host smaller recreational parties for the two young sons. The garden is maximized by the insertion of a higher level on one side. A complete jogging circuit is also planned. All rainwater runoff is captured for irrigation and domestic use.

  • Client: Mr. Sumant Bharatram
  • Status:In design
  • Size:7310 sqm
  • Location:West End Greens, New Delhi