Hewlett Packard Campus Rooftop

A major addition to HP’s core campus, Aditya worked with Gensler Architects to create a beautiful rooftop garden for employees. A two acre roof that was built in the 1970s, its roof was leaking due to the pine trees that had been wrong planted on the roof. A vehicular access all around the edges basically created an asphalt zone where people might want to huddle for shelter and shade. The garden was in the middle, and no one used it because one felt too exposed and vulnerable sitting in the middle of such a large space. The plan to redo the gym underneath, included adding four huge AHUs for it on the roof. The whole space needed a makeover.

The rooftop garden was redesigned as a useful extension of the surrounding workspaces and a stimulating garden for lunch and other breaks during the work day. Most of the garden is an extensive green roof with a sedum mat. Trees are confined to pots. With careful sun shade analysis, the edges were redesigned to become seating areas, including a large curved trellis for gatherings and events. The space also met the client’s goals of sustainability by using the latest green roof technology to create habitat, filter stormwater, reduce energy consumption, and minimize water use.

Aditya was Principal-in-Charge and Design Leader for this project while at RHAA

  • Client: Hewlett Packard
  • Status:Completed in 2011
  • Location:Palo Alto, California