Office Building, New Delhi

Clothed in a punched metal screen, this office building was designed to be an iconic and one of its kind buildings in Delhi. However, it stands on the Ring Road, a busy and dusty artery. Accordingly, the gardens were designed as retreats that screen the ugly views and noise.

The stilt floor parking zone is arranged to feel green and lush by adding tall screens of black bamboo along the boundary walls and palms near the stair core Away from the busy Ring Road, on long narrow terraces on the first floor, linear gardens are made to screen the side and the back, while letting light into the building. Champa Tree and Cane Palms screen the ugly views. On the roof terrace, Washingtonia Palms create a dramatic skyline, and a triangular lawn along with oval planters create a memorable geometry amidst the solar panels .

  • Status:Completed in October 2017
  • Size:600 sqm
  • Location:Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi