Business Park, Vadodara, Gujarat

The landscape design of this business park promotes smooth functioning of traffic flow. Careful planning has been given to the arrival, pickup and drop-off of employees who will be coming here daily on a 24/7 basis. Care is taken that the site is conducive to arrival by bus and cab, and that there is ease of arrival and departure with little or no traffic conflicts.

Continuous shade corridors are provided in the form of green trellises so that everyone can walk through the site comfortably and safely. Once inside the main precincts green gardens and courts are provided for individual or group/corporate use. Multi use lawns and plazas can be programmed for job fairs, corporate celebrations, and food trucks. A dense edge forest of indigenous trees provides a screen from the neighbouring city scape, while adding valuable oxygen and fresh air. Terrace gardens and green walls further enhance the ambiance of a verdant oasis. Rich use of stone paving materials make this a up market facility.

  • Status:Under Construction
  • Size:5 acres
  • Location:Vadodara, Gujarat