Garg Residence, New Delhi

Located right next to the very busy Mathura Road, this residential building was been designed by Studio Lotus to house a family of two brothers. The two independent building blocks are connected through the landscape design as it travels in and around the buildings. The clients had a clear idea of a low maintenance garden with a clean geometry and potential to entertain big group of guests.

A module of square grid was used in the design with trees located at strategic corners to add life to both the enclosed and surrounding garden spaces. On the rooftop, lawns and vegetable patches interspersed with planting serve as lounge spaces. Trees are added to the building façade to provide a dramatic skyline and a memorable front face.

  • Client: Mr. Varun Garg
  • Status:Completed in 2016
  • Size:Completed in 2016
  • Location:Friends Colony, New Delhi