Haus Khas Rooftop, New Delhi

The rooftop of this South Delhi flat was a lost and wasted space, dominated by a large water tank. Lovers of gardens and nature, the family was keen to have a proper garden. The roof was redesigned to create a garden studio apartment for the grown son, so he could have his own pad.

The rest of the roof was grassed, and a large planter was created to grow a luxurious garden. A trellis and pond were built to provide shade and a sense of relief from the urban heat.

The rooftop was transformed from a lost space into a precious amenity for its users that can be used in small groups or for large parties.

  • Client: Mr. Vikas Srivastav
  • Status: Completed in 2017
  • Size: 300 sqm
  • Location:Hauz Khas, New Delhi