National Rose Garden, Shantipath, New Delhi

Located at the end of the formal axis of Shantipath that was established by Lutyens in his plan of New Delhi, the National Rose Garden is a treasure of old rose plants. Fallen into disrepair and disuse, the garden was rejuvenated by NDMC for the Indo- Africa summit. The old garden lacked a sense of place, directionality, gathering area, and a formal path system. The garden was difficult to use and enjoy.

Roha designed a plan that creates a formal structure in such a way that public events can now be hosted here, while everyday users can also be drawn to the park for a stroll on its perimeter. The addition of a long U-shaped Lily Pond creates an attraction, interest and beauty when the roses are out of season. Rose covered trellises allow shaded enjoyment for this park.

  • Client: NDMC
  • Status:Completed in October 2015
  • Size:6 acres
  • Location:Shantipath, New Delhi