Bishops Ranch Business Park

Working with Sunset Development Co. for over 20 years, Aditya prepared the the site-specific plans for a number of projects in this 585-acre business park. With nearly 8 million square feet of office space, Bishop Ranch is home to several large corporations such as Chevron, Pac Bell and most recently Aetna Healthcare, and is considered highly desirable for its lush, well-maintained landscape and its park like setting. Since 1997, Aditya developed three site-specific plans for BR 9, BR15 and BR 3 and BR1. The goal of each site plan has been to create memorable landscapes within a corporate office park setting that affords its inhabitants an escape to the outdoors for a moment of solitude and contemplation in the midst of their hectic workdays.

Aditya was Principal-in-Charge and Design Leader for this project while at RHAA

  • Client: Mr. Alex Mehran
  • Status:Completed
  • Location:San Ramon, California