Murphy Avenue Redesign

The historic one-block section of Murphy Avenue is home to many small-scale, local businesses. Bound on its ends by the Caltrain tracks and the Town Center Mall, the design strengthens the visibility of the street and its connection with the surrounding uses. Additional goals of the project were to beautify and re-organize the street to better accommodate increased pedestrian traffic, outdoor restaurant seating, the farmer’s market, and night life. Partially funded by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the Master Plan process included community participation in evaluating a variety of proposed street and sidewalk configurations and pedestrian-oriented enhancements. Aditya redesigned and also led the multidisciplinary design and engineering team for this project

Aditya was Principal-in-Charge and Design Leader for this project while at RHAA

  • Client: City of Sunnyvale
  • Status:Completed in 2008
  • Location:Sunnyvale, California