Manesar Farmhouses, Haryana

Working with three friends who have purchased three contiguous properties on the edge of the Aravalli forest with the idea of building weekend homes, Roha developed a design that is simultaneously a working farm and a park.

Establishing an inner and outer forest as self-maintaining landscapes, the zone of intense use is restricted to centre of the properties. This will conserve water and make the farms sustainable. Orchards are conjoined to make each property larger, and yet buffered from its neighbour. Three path systems – an outer forest trail, an octagonal farm and park path, and an inner social trail connects the three sites. Care is taken to focus on the Aravalli forest to maximize the nature experience. Topography and hydrology are carefully studied to site the house pads and rainwater harvesting facilities.

  • Client: Mr. Vishal Marwaha, Mr. Vinay Mittal, Mr. Anup Chib
  • Status:Completed in 2015
  • Size:7 acres
  • Location:Manesar, Haryana