Mahindra Happinest Housing, Palghar, Mumbai

The Phase 1 plan is an initial 9-acre development of the overall Master plan for housing at Happinest Palghar. Comprising of twelve housing blocks and one commercial block, the planned development has 860 units that house 3440 inhabitants.

Each building block is arranged around a central courtyard that gives a clear sense of place to the clusters. Buses and taxi drop offs occur at the front edge of the site on the main road. Surface parking and bike parking is kept to the periphery of the landscaped zone. The landscape concept of the housing can be understood as “A Cityscape of Shaded Avenues and Courts”. The green courtyards act as outdoor living spaces that connect to each other seamlessly, enlarging the green experience, and subdivide the space into multiple rooms that can be used for play, gatherings, sports and celebrations. Specimen trees interspersed in the spaces showcase the horticultural heritage of India. Roha is working under Ashok B Lall Architects on this project.

  • Client: Mahindra Developers
  • Status:Under construction
  • Size:20 acres
  • Location:Palghar, Mumbai