Nitai Estate, Samsara Developers, New Delhi

Working in collaboration with Studio Lotus, Roha developed the Masterplan for this 9.5 acre parcel. The goal is to create a unique community where Connected Living is promoted. Rather than subdivide and overbuild this property, the plan seeks to create a place where boundaries between neighbours, and between man and nature, do not exist.

A three-acre inner reserve is graded to both provide privacy for each villa, but also provide a rain water harvesting system of seasonal ponds connected to a Baoli. A language of forest, meadow, stream, pool, are employed to create a magical landscape that provides rest, respite and recreation away from the urban environment. It also becomes a safe, car free place for kids to grow. Keeping the car to periphery, a series of landscapes slowly unfold the vast green behind each house.

  • Client: Samsara Developers
  • Status:Planning approvals
  • Size:9 acres
  • Location:Kapashera, New Delhi