Burlingame Avenue Redevelopment

In coordination with planned utility improvements, the Burlingame Avenue Streetscape Improvements Project enhanced the experience of the street between El Camino Real and California Drive for visitors and residents alike, creating a memorable street for shopping, dining and strolling. Informed through a public and stakeholder outreach process, RHAA planned and implemented improvements that brought form to the vision and needs of merchants and the community. Streetscape improvements include conversion of angle parking to parallel parking to create wider sidewalks and street gathering spaces; bulb outs and improved pedestrian crossings at intersections; and enhanced paving, furnishings, and gateway features.

Aditya was Principal-in-Charge and Design Leader for this project while at RHAA

  • Client: City of Burlingame
  • Status:Completed in 2013
  • Location:Burlingame, California