Mahavir Temple, New Delhi

Roha prepared a landscape restoration plan for the Mahavir temple. Working with the unique geography of the site, Roha focussed on creating an urban oasis that would enhance the visitor experience. Views of the urban scape are screened with forest trees to create an impression of a forest reserve, while flowering trees closer to the shrines provide offerings for the deities. While using native trees with Hindu religious significance, the reforestation plan also uses trees that provide products that can supplement the incomes of gardeners living on the site.

In 2015 Roha assisted neighbouring Summerfields School in participating in Disney Friends for Change program to develop a school based environmental project for the site. Bare hillsides were afforested with native plants from the Aravalis. Composting and rainwater harvesting were initiated and food gardens were built. And a small outdoor classroom was built to for outdoor environmental education. Summerfields School won this prestigious award for the best native plan restoration amongst all the participating schools.

The site is now a lush young forest, rainwater has recharged the site’s tube wells and the flower gardens are being used by the temple visitors.

  • Client: Temple Trust and Disney Friends for Change
  • Status:Completed in December 2015
  • Size:7 acres
  • Location:Greater Kailash, New Delhi