Tijara Organic Farm, Haryana

The design of this six-acre organic farm utilizes every inch of space available for the purpose of growing food. By mandate from its enthusiastic owner farmer, every space was examined and the most efficient use for it was determined. Several features are accommodated in the design including: azolla ponds for grown cattle feed, fruit orchards, nursery sheds, parking trellises that also serve as grape arbours, and an outdoor kitchen and party area next to the house pool. More than 200 trees comprising of 30 types of fruiting trees were planted in the farm.

While giving structure to the space, and utilizing only food producing trees and shrubs, the landscape design also creates a park like setting for the owners who are very rooted in their rural Haryana community. A house garden with a lotus pond, creates places to sit and walk in, that are comfortable both in the winter and summer. A central chaupal outside the “baithak” building is a gathering place where village neighbours can come and visit. A southern lawn next to the fragrant citrus grove is a place to host winter food and festivity parties.

  • Client: Mrs. Sneh Yadav
  • Status:Completed December 2015
  • Size:6 acres
  • Location:Tijara, Haryana