Worldmark Business Park, Aerocity, New Delhi

The landscape of this is 3.5-acre open space is enclosed by the Worldmark towers in Aerocity, New Delhi’s modern hotel district. Bharti Land’s headquarters is based here. Comprising of three high-rise towers, the planned development accommodates office space, retail space and food facilities. The buildings are arranged around a central piazza that gives a clear front door address to each building. Buses and taxi drop offs occur at the edges of this space.

The landscape for this space was already designed and built but not in way that was befitting the international setting and the high-quality buildings. Roha revamped and reshaped it to become a people friendly, beautiful and smoothly functioning environment that complements and amplifies the status of this business park.

Essentially a place making project, the first act of the redesign was to re-plan the car circulation so that pedestrians were also included. The front door experience was redesigned to be more elegant. Then lots of shade, greenery, and seating was added to the piazza - creating places for celebrations, festivals and el fresco dining. Special elements such as an amphitheatre for casual or formal events, wifi pods for shaded relaxation, wooden bench-planters with tropical forest planting, and water features were introduced to create a place where retail and business come together in a world class environment. All planning was done to allow hosting of celebrations, and festivals or music, food and culture. The entire internal pedestrian path network of Aerocity hotels terminates in this piazza, and it is expected to become the hub of the entire neighbourhood. The central road within GMR land was redesigned to become a grand arrival plaza that will serve as an iconic signature for this complex.

  • Client: Bharti Land
  • Status:Completed January 2018
  • Size:3.5 acres
  • Location:Aerocity, New Delhi