Roha is a landscape design firm with a commitment to creating open spaces that enrich the lives of their users. We strive to find the Spirit of Place, weaving together nature, art, and people to create unique designs.

Bearing the twin meanings of “blossom and germinate” in Sanskrit, and “soul” in Arabic, Roha is founded with the belief that the landscape of a project is instrumental in bringing a space to life.

We follow an investigative design process that brings the site and the user group together to create a unique solution to every project. Tailored to the site and user needs, our designs are beautiful, functional, ecologically sound, and memorable.

Easy and inviting to use, our projects come alive as the place and people meld to become one spirit. As the plants grow and the garden is used, the Spirit of Place becomes stronger still.



The construction of landscape must focus on both the concept and the user. One without the other is meaningless.


We offer creative solutions for exterior residential and commercial spaces that not only look good but are also functional and last long


We commit ourselves to complete all projects within the timeline and budget set with our clients. we use the best of technology and tools to ensure that all deliverables are provided in timely manner.


Our designs are unique and classical. We aim to create designs that match the style of our clients. We are modernists in our simplicity of forms and materials.

Our philosophy

Roha begins its design process with circulation planning, shade analysis and hydrology analysis. Energy flow principles of Feng Shui and Vaastu guide our work. With a focus on user comfort and environmental sustainability, we embrace the principle of sustainable design at its core. We begin our site investigations with the idea of low maintenance landscape, low water consuming plants, minimal impervious surfacing and maximum rainwater recapture. Shade and sun studies drive the design solution so that people friendly landscapes are created. Our goal is to invite the user to use the outdoors, promoting connected living with other humans and with nature.

Roha specializes in a collaborative design and visioning process that engages clients and stakeholder groups with the design team. We create a dialogue where the needs and opportunities of the project are explored. Our role on each project changes as the project progresses. We see our role as formative to the built agenda, by identifying the site areas that can be landscaped, by clarifying how circulation will impact future functioning, and by mapping the sustainability plan for the development. .

Landscape design often suffers when there is lack of vision around its use and program. We supply the client with user oriented programmatic plans which will allow the landscape to come alive. We search for how a sense of place might be created by bringing the site, the users and the program together.

OUR Philosophy

Roha begins its design process with circulation planning, shade analysis and hydrology analysis.

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