Qutub Garden, Mehrauli, New Delhi

The original Bharti Airtel’s headquarters near Qutb were remade to become a high end fashion retail site. The building facades were redone by Studio Lotus and the site plan was recreated by Roha into a modern and elegant setting for the two of Tarun Tahiliani and Anita Dongre. Previously an office complex with multiple levels, hidden front doors, and a wide driveway, the site had virtually no parking. Most oddly the two buildings on the site, sat at 45 degrees. The front yard was a sunken dank garden, the central court was occupied by a large pile of rocks fashioned into a fountain, and the back site an unused tennis court.

These features were removed, and the site plan was reworked to create a plaza like feel with ample parking. The awkward angle of the building alignment was made into an asset with an angled striped geometry that creates a crisp modern pin stripe scheme that unifies the cut-up site. Left over wasted spaces have been redone to become gathering lawns for parties and fashion shows and the chaotic nature of the site has been reset with an order that feels quiet yet present.

  • Client: Bharti Land
  • Status:Completed in October 2016
  • Size:90 sqm
  • Location:Mehruali, New Delhi