Royal Enfield Showroom Baga, Goa

The outlet for Royal Enfield Goa is located on the road to Baga Beach. While redesigning an existing site with a small traditional house and an outdoor Italian restaurant, the client wished to keep the original feel and ambiance of the place.

The architects Studio Lotus introduced two large metal and glass buildings around the original villa, keeping intact much of the courtyard and its lush plantings. More plants were added to make the site vibrant and tropical. Rainwater was captured and redirected to the nearby river and majority of the heavily wooded trees on the edges were retained to create an insert that seems like it has always been there. The central courtyard is an extended part of the rebuilt restaurant and the locus of all activity.

  • Client: Royal Enfield
  • Status:Completed in November 2017
  • Size:1150 sqm
  • Location:Baga, Goa